To help inform 2020-2021 new and future enrollments with what ELS English Programs offer, Freda Lin Design partnered with ELS Canada to design localized digital and traditional marketing materials.


Using new branding guidelines, we designed and developed marketing materials to narrate the ELS experience for both Vancouver and Toronto Universities. Featuring local maps, attractions, and curriculums.  

Retargeting and referral programs were added in addition as a part of the 2020 acquisition plan

To further promote the new initiatives at ELS, we developed professional and user-friendly e-mail campaign templates communications.


We were able to successfully advocate their mission of preparing students to compete, excel and achieve in the global workforce by seeing 50% more interest in enrollment than 2019.

To further our efforts, Freda Lin Design is now continuing our work with ELS to execute new communications to drive awareness.


Brand Design
Marketing Materials
Print Advertising
Art Direction
Email Marketing

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