Perfectly Imperfect Handmade Ware

Bad Potter Ceramics

A small-batch, ceramics studio based out of Vancouver, Canada.
[As seen on GlobalTV & Cityline]

Medium & Design

Currently experimenting with medium grog stoneware with iron-flecked speckles and white burning clay, The Bad Potter ceramics are designed to accentuate the natural characters of the clay body. Each form takes around 25 days from beginning to end to complete – an immersive experience that demands detail and paradoxically, non-attachment at the same time.

A Maker's Mark

Unique and different in some way, each BP piece is hand-formed, bisque fired, glazed, and fired again at more than 2000 degrees fahrenheit, made to be strong and durable for everyday use. 

About the Maker

Naturally drawn to age-old artisanal techniques, Canadian designer Freda Lin behind The Bad Potter Ceramics produces sustainable hand-crafted ceramic objects that can be cherished for life. Drawing her inspiration from different natural elements and everyday functionalities, the studio creates unique pieces with personality and timeless characters.

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